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October, 2011

Ali Warren
Female Firefighting Pioneer

Ali has blazed her way in firefighting. At 16, she became a volunteer firefighter. She worked hard and became fully certified as a firefighter by the time she was 18. Along the way, she faced many challenges in a workplace that was run by men. She continued in the field. Ali, now 21, recently wrote a book called Where Hope Lives that encourages girls to boldly pursue their dreams.

September, 2011

Hayley Goldbach
Changing Lives a World Away

Hayley Goldbach was never grossed out easily. Warts, pus, flakey skin — she was up for it all. So when she wanted to become a doctor, no one was really shocked. Today she’s a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), but right now she’s a world away, in Botswana, learning more about medicine and making people well. Read about how she’s making a difference, her plans for the future, and how she enjoys the journey along the way.

August, 2011

Amanda Sobhy
Squashing out the competition

Many Americans are unfamiliar with the game of squash. Squash is a sport that is played by two people in a four-walled court with a small, rubber ball. The players use racquets to hit the ball. But for 18-year-old Amanda Sobhy, squash is her life. She made history by becoming the youngest player to have ever won four Women’s International Squash Players Association titles. Read our interview to find out what it’s like to be a world ranked athlete and what Ivy League college she is headed to this fall!

July, 2011

Jazmin Branch
Determined to find a cure for cancer

Jazmin Branch knows how horrible cancer is. After two people close to her got breast cancer — one surviving and one losing her battle — she knew she had to do something about this disease. She started to research the reasons people don’t get screened for cancer. Read about what happened when she entered her research project in the 2010-2011 Young Epidemiology Scholars (YES) Competition, her advice for girls interested in science and math, and her drive to cure cancer once and for all.

June, 2011

Monisha Dilip
Looking past visual disabilities

Monisha Dilip has a passion for helping people with disabilities. Even though she lives in the United States, she opened a computer center in India so that disabled people would have a place to learn. Read about how she turned her passion into action and is helping others around the world!

May, 2011

Meryl Davis
Ice dancing her heart out

Meryl Davis didn’t always dream of being an ice dancer. But, when she was 9 years old, she met Charlie White and the world of ice dancing opened up to her. In her first year as part of an ice dancing team, Meryl won the silver medal at the Junior Olympics. Several championships and medals later, including an Olympic silver medal, Meryl couldn’t deny that ice dancing was something that was part of her soul. Read her interview to learn more about the competitive sport of ice dancing, to see how Meryl balances work and school, and to get her advice about how girls can achieve their dreams.

April, 2011

Samantha Todd
Unschooled and unmatched

Samantha Todd is not your typical teenager. At 14 years old, she owns an organic beauty product business and donates a portion of the proceeds to a global charity. She’s also “unschooled,” a form of education that allows her to learn through home schooling, classes at public school, projects, and the community. Learn how this fascinating teen lives life to the fullest and has turned her passion into a way to help others.

March, 2011

Mackenzie Bearup
Using books to heal

Books are a great escape — just ask Mackenzie Bearup. When she was diagnosed with a painful disease, reading was the only thing that helped ease her pain. Later, when she had the opportunity to help others, she turned to books again. Learn how Mackenzie collected more than 56,000 books for kids in need and read about her hopes for her future.

February, 2011

Remmi Smith
Cooking up healthy choices

Could you imagine being the star of your own cooking show at just 10 years old? That's the reality for cooking sensation Remmi Smith. This young chef launched her cooking website in April 2009 and was an instant success. But, you won't find a peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe on "Cook Time with Remmi." Instead, you'll see recipes like gazpacho soup, frisée salad with goat cheese and pistachios, and roasted Brussels sprouts with pine nuts! Bon appétit!

January, 2011

Cassy & Alyssa Gaddis
Voices against bullying

You may think that pretty girls don’t get bullied. But Cassy and Alyssa Gaddis know that is not true. These beautiful sisters, with incredible music careers, were bullied for being different and even ended up switching schools to avoid harassment. Although the experience hardened them, they use their music to teach others about the dangers of bullying. Read our interview with Cassy and Alyssa to learn how they are standing up to bullying through music.

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