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December, 2014

Georgia Mae Lively
Staying above the influence

Images and messages about drugs and drinking are everywhere you look. You may think that pretty much everyone uses them. The truth is that many teens have the smarts and the courage to say “no.”

Just ask Georgia Mae. She’s a teen who makes her own decisions. She chooses to live above the influence of drugs and alcohol. Instead, she focuses on what she loves — singing, acting, and playing a variety of instruments. Read our interview with Georgia Mae to see what she has to say about drugs, alcohol, and dealing with peer pressure.

October, 2014

Chi Chi Monet
An anti-bullying anthem

What's bullying? It's being mean to someone over and over again. Often, bullying is about power. So a bully may be stronger or more popular than the kids they pick on. Kids may be bullied because they seem weaker or because they're "different." The bottom line is that bullying is never cool. It's not okay to hurt someone or make them feel bad.

That's the message Chi Chi Monet wants to send with her "No Bully" single. Chi Chi is a singer and rapper who encourages positive self-esteem. She uses her music to draw attention to issues that girls and boys deal with on a daily basis, like bullying. In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month (October), we interviewed Chi Chi to learn about her music and how you can stand up against bullying.

September, 2014

Kate Ziegler
Eating plenty of fruits and veggies

Do you get enough fruits and vegetables? There’s a reason we ask and a reason adults tell you to eat plenty of them. They taste great, but they’re also packed with nutrients that help you grow healthy and strong. Plus, fruits and veggies have fiber, which helps you feel full longer. That means you’re less likely to get hungry when you’re trying to power through math class or after-school activities.

Kate Ziegler, an Olympic swimmer, loads up on fruits and veggies and other plant-based foods (like nuts and whole grains) for just those reasons. For Kate, eating healthy helps her train better and feel like she’s at her best. You can feel your best, too! For Fruits and Veggies — More Matters Month, check out Kate’s tips for getting more fruits and veggies.

August, 2014

Noelle Karmo
Making a difference in the lives of others

Noelle Karmo wears pink a lot, but not because it’s her favorite color. She wears pink to show her support for breast cancer awareness. When Noelle was 3, her mother, who was only 32, was diagnosed with breast cancer. If you’ve ever had a sick parent, you know just how scary it can be. Fortunately, Noelle’s mom survived and, after getting through breast cancer, started an organization to help other young women with breast cancer. What was Noelle’s response? She wanted to know how she could help. Read our interview with Noelle to learn how she gives back and makes a difference in the lives of others.

July, 2014

Niharika Bedekar
Helping girls understand puberty

You’ve probably heard of puberty, but what is it exactly? Puberty is when you start making the change from being a child to being an adult. You’ll grow taller, get bigger breasts, and grow hair in new places. You’ll also start your period (menstruation), which means you will be able to get pregnant if you have sex. And these are just a few of the changes you’ll experience. With all this happening, you might feel uncomfortable or shy about it. Just remember that these changes are common and normal. Everyone goes through puberty — girls just do it at different ages. And these changes mean your body is doing what it’s supposed to do.

Niharika (say: NEE-ha-ree-kuh) Bedekar (say: BED-uh-kuhr) was on the younger side when she started going through puberty. She knows it can be a hard and confusing time, especially if you start earlier or later than your friends. That’s why she started an organization that teaches girls about the changes they’ll experience. Read our interview with Niharika to learn what she wants every girl to know about puberty.

May, 2014

Hailey Knauf
Learning to try new things

Are you getting excited for the summer months? Maybe you’re looking forward to a break from school or warmer weather. Maybe you’re excited to do something fun this summer, like Hailey Knauf. Hailey is most excited about going to camp. Why? She’ll be one year closer to becoming a camp counselor. Plus, she’ll get to try new activities and meet new people.

As a teen, she understands her teenage years are the perfect time to explore her interests and talents. It’s also a great time to gain experience and valuable skills that will help her now and throughout her life. Read our interview with Hailey about the importance of trying new things.

March, 2014

Fátima Ptacek
Joining the fight against HIV/AIDS

Have you ever wanted to speak up for something that you care about? People who speak up to make a difference are called advocates. Advocates may work to end bullying at their school or to get healthier lunch options. Fátima Ptacek is speaking up to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and how it affects women and girls. And you can join her!

On March 10, women and girls across the country will observe National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Fátima is helping spread the word, which means she is an outreach ambassador.

Fátima’s name might look familiar — and her voice would definitely sound familiar to you! It’s because she’s the voice of Dora in the television series Dora the Explorer. She works hard to balance her acting, her work as an advocate, and her life as a teenager. To learn more, read Fátima’s interview.

February, 2014

Kayla Tandy
Maintaining a healthy self-esteem

Do you know what self-esteem means? To us, it means valuing and respecting yourself. If you have a healthy self-esteem, you feel good about yourself as a person and are able to think positively and deal better with stress. If you have low self-esteem, you may feel bad about yourself a lot of the time, which isn’t much fun.

Here to tell us how she maintains a healthy self-esteem is Kayla Tandy. Kayla is a typical teen, just like lots of our readers. She knows that great ways to boost your self-esteem include taking steps to be healthy, getting support from friends, and finding things you’re good at and enjoy. To learn more, read Kayla’s interview.

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