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November, 2018

Katie Stagliano

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world but weren't sure where to start? Katie Stagliano proves that starting small can lead to big changes. In third grade, Katie planted a cabbage seed. She watched it grow to an unexpected 40 pounds! Katie brought it to her local soup kitchen, and it helped feed 275 people. She realized she could help feed more people by growing more vegetables. That's why Katie started Katie's Krops, an organization that works to end hunger. Through her program, kids and teens across the country plant gardens to help feed people who need fresh, healthy food. Read Katie's interview to hear how she got started and her advice for giving back and reaching your goals.

October, 2018

Treasure W.

Meet Treasure. She's a teen with a passion for music and acting whose confidence is contagious. Treasure was born with a rare skin disorder called lamellar ichthyosis (L.I.). It is genetic and causes dry, scaly skin. It can lead to dehydration (when your body doesn't have enough fluid) and makes it difficult for Treasure to control her body temperature. While Treasure faces some unique challenges, she's never let anything stand in the way of her dreams. See what she has to say about life with L.I. and achieving her goals.

September, 2018

Taylor Richardson

Taylor Richardson isn't afraid to dream big. In fact, she's determined to turn her dream of flying to Mars into a reality. Ever since she was little, Taylor — also known as "Astronaut StarBright" — has been fascinated by science and outer space. Going to space isn't Taylor's only goal, though. She also wants to make this dream possible for other girls. That's why she wants to help girls around the world learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Read Taylor's interview to learn why STEM is so important to her and how she's inspiring others to reach for the stars.

August, 2018

Susan T.

Have you ever wondered what life might be like if certain foods were unsafe for you to eat? For people who have serious food allergies, this is an everyday reality. Meet Susan T. She's a high school student living with a severe peanut allergy. She has had to give herself shots of epinephrine, a medicine that treats life-threatening allergic reactions. Giving yourself a shot isn't easy, so Susan wants to educate others about living and staying safe with serious allergies. Read Susan's interview to learn about her experience living with life-threatening allergies and how she's spreading the word to help others prepare for reactions.

July, 2018

Sneha Dave

Sneha Dave is a college student on a mission. She wants to empower teens and young adults living with chronic (or long-lasting) conditions to live their best lives. Sneha has ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease that affects her large intestine. Through her own experiences with ulcerative colitis, Sneha felt a lack of community and support for those with chronic health conditions or disabilities. Today, Sneha travels around the country raising awareness about chronic conditions and disabilities, and she encourages those living with chronic conditions to never let these conditions stand in their way. Read her interview to learn about living with a chronic condition and how Sneha is using her voice to help improve the lives of others.

May, 2018

Jaelin H.

Meet Jaelin H. She's a high school student with a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). She dreams of creating positive change through technology. A math whiz by nature, Jaelin already has Advanced Placement calculus under her belt and loves using creativity to solve problems.

Demanding schoolwork isn’t all that’s on Jaelin’s plate. As a ballet dancer in a pre-professional company, Jaelin juggles rehearsals with studying and spending time with family and friends. How does she do it all? Read her interview to learn how she balances dance and academics, her favorite ways to de-stress, and her tips for finding the confidence to follow her interests.

April, 2018

Devin Scott

Have you ever looked around and realized you were the only girl in the room? Well, for Devin Scott, this is her reality as a female boxer. But she never lets the fear of being the only girl in the gym hold her back from accomplishing her goals.

Devin loves boxing because it challenges her and helps her look and feel her best. While her passion may require several hours in the gym, exercise is only one part of her health routine. Devin knows that self-care and time with friends are just as important for her health and happiness. How does she juggle training, studying, and socializing? Read her interview to find out.

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