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December, 2007

Kavya Shivashankar
A love for words spells success

What was your best subject in school? For Kavya Shivashankar, it was spelling! Her love of words and the way they sound opened her up to the world of spelling bees. Read about her journey to the National Spelling Bee and how she keeps her head filled with words most of us have never heard of before!

September, 2007

Clare Greenberg
Volunteering makes a world of difference

Did you ever think the sport you play in school could bring you half way around the world? Not only did Clare’s love of soccer bring her to Africa, it gave her a chance to teach girls about HIV/AIDS and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Read about her trip to South Africa, her love of horses, and her advice to you about volunteering.

July, 2007

Scarlett Pomers
A story of struggle and survival

At just 18 years old, Scarlett Pomers has already done some amazing things! As an accomplished actress, you may have seen her on Star Trek: Voyager or playing Reba McEntire's daughter Kyra on the sitcom REBA. Now a budding musician, you can see her band playing in some of Hollywood's hottest spots! What you might not know about her is that she suffered from an eating disorder and now works to raise money for others in the same situation. Listen as she shares her story of struggle and survival and how she gives hope to others who live with eating disorders still.

May, 2007

Julia McDaniel
Taking a stand

When was the last time you did something to change something you didn't like? Julia McDaniel heard about wild horses being treated poorly and decided to take a stand. She put posters up at her school, started a petition, and collected letters from students and community members to send to Congress. In the end, she gathered hundreds of signatures and over 250 letters that she sent to her state representatives and senators. Was she able to help save the wild horses? Read her interview to find out.

March, 2007

Lindsey Williams
A passion for gardening leads to desire to end hunger

Have you ever dreamed of helping people in need, making the world a better place, or inventing something that could make a difference in the world? Lindsey Williams did and she's well on her way to making these dreams a reality! Read her interview and think about ways to make your dreams of helping others come true!

January, 2007

Jessica Largent
Do you have a patriotic spirit?

When Jenessa’s uncle went to Iraq, she wanted to do something to honor him. She decided making bracelets would be a great way to show her support. They really caught on; 200,000 bracelets later, she’s still giving them away for free! She’s met some interesting people and has done some fun things along the way. Read about her mission to bring all the troops home and how she’s an inspiration to others!

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