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December, 2010

Cati Grant
Turning bullying into something positive

Cati Grant was bullied by the same girl for years in middle and high school. Once the bully was stopped, Cati got started. She launched her own anti-bullying website and she even appeared on the Dr. Phil show to talk about her experience. Read our interview with Cati to learn how she handled the bullying and her important message for all teens.

November, 2010

Catelynn from MTV's show “Teen Mom”
A teen mom stays strong

Getting pregnant when you’re a teen is a life-changing event. One option for a pregnant teen is to place her child for adoption. Read our interview with MTV’s “Teen Mom” star, Catelynn, to see how getting pregnant at age 16 changed her life and how she’s coping after placing her daughter with her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa.

August, 2010

Maci from MTV's show “Teen Mom”
What’s it like being a teen mom?

Having a baby can be really hard when you’re a teen. Teen moms are less likely to finish school and are more likely to be single parents. Read our interview with MTV’s “Teen Mom” star Maci to see how having her baby Bentley at 16 totally changed her life.

May, 2010

Star Rockers
Saying no was just the beginning

A name like Star Rockers might sound hard to live up to. For Star (that's her real name by the way), it was hard. At a young age, she turned to drugs and alcohol to fit in. Sinking into a life of addiction and loneliness, she finally hit rock bottom when she thought about throwing herself out of her apartment window. Luckily, she got help instead. Learn how she found the path to health and what advice she has for all women and girls.

March, 2010

Katie Stagliano
Growing dreams

Katie’s dream of helping the hungry all started with a little cabbage seed. That seed grew to over 40 pounds and helped her feed 275 people. Her dream grew even bigger when she won the Amazing Kids “Launch My Dream” project, which has inspired her to create her dream of “No Hungry Children.” Read her interview to see how something so big can start from something so small.

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