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Top Tips

  • Love your other mother. Mother Earth, that is. Learn ways to protect her in our section on green living.
  • Asthma and allergies. If you have asthma, spring allergies can trigger an attack. Read all about living with asthma.
  • Are you thinking about drinking? Alcohol can cause lots of health problems and lead you to do some really uncool things. Learn more about alcohol and ways to say no.
  • Normal or not? Puberty brings so many changes. If you're confused, don't worry! From bras to body hair, we explain what to expect.

Health Events for April

  • Alcohol Awareness Month: April 1–30
  • National Youth Sports Safety Month: April 1–30
  • STI Awareness Month: April 1–30
  • National Minority Health Month: April 1–30
  • World Immunization Week: April 23–30
  • Earth Day: April 22
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