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  1. Should You Worry About School Violence? - This is a helpful article from
  2. flag Stop Bullying Now! – This Web site offers information on why kids bully and what can be done to stop it. Check out their cool "webisodes" for a fun way to learn how to deal with bullying.
  3. flag The Bully Roundup – Learn about bullying on this Web site by playing the interactive board game "Bully Roundup." You can also get tips on what to do and say if you are being bullied.
  4. flag What Should I Do if I'm Bullied? – Is someone bullying you? Get help now.
  5. pdf icon A Dozen Things Students Can Do To Prevent School Violence (Copyright © NCPC) (PDF 14KB) – Check out this article to get 12 tips on how to prevent violence at your school.
  6. Bullies: What is Bullying? (Copyright © CastleWorks, Inc.) – Think it’s ok to stand back and watch someone bully another student? Of course it’s not. This Web site explains different kinds of bullying.
  7. Delete Cyberbullying (Copyright © NCPC) – Learn about cyberbullying, how it’s different from regular bullying, and how to stop it.
  8. Got a Bully? McGruff Can Help (Copyright © NCPC) – Want to know how to deal with bullies? This Web page features cartoons that show you how to handle bullies with strategies such as walking, talking, and finding a safe place to go.
  9. Stop Cyberbullying (Copyright © WiredKids, Inc.) – This site has everything you need to know about cyberbullying. It explains what it is, how to report it, and how to keep from becoming a cyberbully.
  10. pdf icon Tips for Teens if Someone is Bullying You (Copyright © NASW) (PDF - 51KB) – Read this publication to get tips on what you can do if you or a friend is being bullied.
  11. Cyberbullies (Copyright © NCPC) – Bullying on the Internet can hurt people in real life. This site has tips on how to avoid cyberbullies and what to do if someone bothers you online.
  12. What Kids Say About Bullying (Copyright © Nemours Foundation) – If you’ve ever been bullied, you’re not alone. This Web page talks about how real kids feel about bullying and gives you the facts you need to solve the problem.


  1. National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
  2. Kids Health
  4. Teen Victim Project, National Center for Victims of Crime


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