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Making physical activity fun

A girl on a skateboard.

Here are some ways to beat boredom:

  • Join a team. Playing a sport can be a great way to make friends.
  • Walk or ride a bike to school. It's good for you and for the environment.
  • Be active while doing something you like. Maybe march in place while you watch TV or listen to some energizing music.
  • Join a cause. A walk-a-thon or other fundraiser is a great way to get fit and do something good.
  • Take a class or join a group. Your local community center may have classes or exercise groups. Check out Girls on the Run, which works to boost girls' health and self-respect.
  • Try something new. Try a DVD or take a class to learn some moves. How about yoga, Pilates, or martial arts?

Got games? Exercise video games (like you play on Xbox or Wii) that get you moving can add to your fitness routine. But for a good workout, make sure to pick options that use your whole body, such as boxing, dancing, or tennis. Also, try not to let this be your only exercise. (And don't forget to get some fresh air!)

Some people love to be active outside. Some people like walking in the calm of nature, or shooting hoops in the playground, for example. If you are one of those people, see our tool below for ways to work out outdoors!

Some people want to stay inside. Maybe your neighborhood isn't safe, or you hate the cold (or heat). If that's you, here are some options:

  • Walk up and down stairs
  • March in place
  • Jump rope
  • Tune in to TV or online exercise programs
  • Borrow an exercise DVD from your library
  • Clean the house with some extra energy
  • Pump up some music and dance
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Where out there?

Find local parks and other great outdoor places to play, hike, bike, and more!

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Content last reviewed March 27, 2015
Page last updated July 20, 2015