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How to make a fitness plan

Use the 3 steps and tips below to make a personal fitness plan that's right for you.

1. Set Goals

Be specific.
Saying something like "I'll be active three days a week" works better than "I'll exercise more."

Be realistic.
If you try to increase your activity a lot all at once, you may get overwhelmed.

Go slow.
Try tackling just one goal at a time instead of several. After sticking with your goal for a couple of weeks, see if you can add another one.

2. Pick Small Steps

Break your goal into smaller steps.
That way it will feel more doable. If you said "I'll be active three days a week," for example, start by figuring out which days might work.

Pick items you enjoy.
You are more likely to stick with activities you enjoy. If you decide to walk, for example, ask a friend to join you to make it more fun.

Enter a few steps on your calendar.
Pick days. That way you won't forget and you'll make sure you have enough time.

3. Monitor Your Progress

Check your list.
See what you've done in the past week.

Did you skip a lot of your fitness time?
Don't give up! Creating new habits does not happen fast. This is a chance to see what gets in your way and then find solutions. For example, maybe you need to exercise in the morning instead of at night. Check out our tips on overcoming obstacles.

Did you succeed a lot of the time?
Celebrate! Reward yourself! Tell your friends and family! You might inspire them.


Content last reviewed March 27, 2015
Page last updated July 16, 2015