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Drugs, alcohol, and smoking

Girl holding out her hand.

It may seem like images of people smoking, using drugs, and drinking alcohol are all around you. You might even know somebody who has tried these things and thinks it’s okay or cool. But, the truth is, smart girls everywhere are saying "No, thanks." Be one of them! can help by offering a lot of great information. In this section, you can learn:

You and your friends can support each other in avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. This is called positive peer pressure. Be strong for one another — that’s what friends are for!

A lot of teens choose not to use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco or to misuse medicines. You can be strong like them! By saying “No!” to these things, you are saying “Yes!” to your health and your future.

There’s a lot to know about drugs, alcohol, and smoking. When you’ve finished reading this section, try taking these quizzes to see how much you’ve learned!

Alex Newham says No to smoking.


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