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Quiz: How much do you know about taking good care of yourself?

It takes time to learn the facts and skills that help take good care of yourself. Check up on your health smarts below.

  1. When you go to the doctor, it's important to be respectful, be quiet, and not ask questions.

  2. If you have an illness or disability, you should save your strength by avoiding physical activity.

  3. Service animals like trained dogs can do the following:

  4. If you have a disability, some options that let you get into the game include:

  5. If you've been feeling very sad for a couple of weeks, don't feel like getting out of bed some days, and don't enjoy the things you used to, just wait. You'll probably feel better soon.

  6. If you have a disability, the following is true about work:

  7. If you have a health condition like asthma, it’s better not to tell anyone at school so you can just fit in.

  8. Young people with learning disabilities will never be able to learn well.

  9. If you have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), which is a plan to meet the needs of kids with disabilities, the following people can be involved in writing it:

  10. If you're taking medication, you can stop when you feel ready.

  11. Hospitals sometimes let you bring stuffed animals, photos, and other stuff from home to make your visit more pleasant.