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Dealing with medical issues

If you’re not feeling great, it can be really tough to hear doctors use words you don’t understand. Use the glossary to translate “doctor speak” — and don’t be shy about asking questions next time you’re at the doctor’s office.

Between school, friends, and family, life can be pretty demanding. When you add in the doctor and hospital visits you might need, it can all seem like too much to handle.

There is good news, though. You are not alone! Your parents, doctors, and other caregivers are there to support you. Also, lots of girls out there are going through the same things you are. Just be patient, be proud of yourself, and be willing to work as a team with your parents and doctors. Remember, being sick or needing help doesn't mean you aren't strong and beautiful! Sometimes it takes great strength and courage to get help. And you’ll likely feel even stronger if you work to take charge of your health.

In this section of you’ll learn a lot that can help you take great care of yourself. You can find out about how to talk with your doctor, how to take medicine safely, and more.


Content last reviewed February 16, 2011
Page last updated October 31, 2013