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Featured Articles

  1. Friendship
  2. Stuck in the Middle with You newmoon icon.
  3. When Friends Fight
  4. National Association of Social Workers: One Teen at a Time Campaign

Publications & Web sites

  1. Coping With Cliques - This is a helpful article from
  2. Getting Along With Your Teachers - This is a helpful article from
  3. When Parents Fight - This is a helpful article from
  4. 5 Ways to Shake Shyness - This is a helpful article from
  5. Shyness - This is a helpful article from
  6. Dealing With Divorce - This is a helpful article from
  7. Sexual Attraction and Orientation - This is a helpful article from
  8. Talking to your Parents or Other Adults - This is a helpful article from
  9. flag Grind Your Mind – This site gives you the straight story on everything from peer pressure to rumors. It can help you deal with relationships and learn how to make smart choices in a really fun way!
  10. Get the Facts... Healthy or Unhealthy? – Dating can be exciting, but it can also cause problems. Find out if your relationship is healthy by reading this Web site.
  11. Girls Only – Want to know what type of friend you are or read advice about boys?  This web site is full of information about relationships, with your parents, siblings, friends and more!
  12. Peer Pressure – Have you ever experienced peer pressure?  This site explains what it is and how it can sometimes be positive.  
  13. See It And Stop It! – There is a difference between a good relationship and a bad one.  Make sure you know how to recognize and escape from a bad relationship.
  14. Staying Cool When Things Heat Up (Copyright © AAP) – In today's world, schools are places of learning but are also targets of violence. Learning how to avoid conflict may help you avoid violence and keep the peace at your school.
  15. National Runaway Safeline – Sometimes you may feel like no one really understands you, but running away from home may not be the best answer.  This Web site has bulletin boards and other resources that can help you.
  16. Teen Talk - Planned Parenthood – Confused about relationships? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Learn more about dating, breaking up, keeping things cool at home, handling peer pressure, and everything in between at this Web site.


  1. Center for Young Women’s Health
  2. Choose Respect
  3. Boys Town National Hotline
  4. KidsHealth
  5. National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
  6. National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
  7. Safe Horizon
  8. Advocates for Youth
  9. GLBT National Help Cente


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