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What to do if you’re being followed

Girl's face in a rearview mirror.

If you’re driving and you think you’re being followed, do not go home. Instead, you should:

  • Keep driving until you reach a gas station, open business, or other well-lit area where you can get help.


  • Use your cell phone to call the police.

Although it doesn’t happen a lot, there have been times when a woman driving alone has been pulled over and raped by a man pretending to be a police officer. If you’re signaled to pull over in a dark or deserted area, keep driving until you come to a well-lit, populated area. Let the police officer know you’re planning to pull over by turning on your flashers (also called hazards) and driving at a slower speed. In some areas you may be charged for failing to heed a police officer’s demands, but it’s better than risking your safety.


Content last reviewed September 22, 2009
Page last updated October 31, 2013