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Healthy dating relationship quiz

Couple walking hand in hand

Is your relationship absolutely amazing, in need of some serious work, or one you may need to leave? The quiz below can give you a sense of whether your relationship is fair and respectful. If you have any concerns that your relationship is not healthy or may even be violent or abusive, talk to an adult you trust .

Here's how this works: Think about each statement below. Is the statement true for just you, for just your partner, or for neither of you? If so, click the first bubble. If the statement is true for both of you, click the second bubble. Answer all the questions as well as you can. Click "Submit" and get your results.

  1. Consider what the other person likes and doesn't like when making plans

  2. Tell the other person what we like about him or her

  3. Support the other person in setting and meeting goals

  4. Encourage the other person to be who he or she wants to be

  5. Comfort the other person when he or she is upset, sad, frustrated, etc.

  6. Ask for and listen to the other person's point of view (even when having a disagreement)

  7. Respect the other person’s need for time alone

  8. Treat the other person's things well

  9. Treat the other person as an equal with an equal say in the relationship

  10. Respect the other person's online privacy

  11. Respect decisions about sex

  12. Admit mistakes

  13. Are/Am OK with the other person spending time with family and own friends

  14. Trust that the other person is being honest about what he or she is doing and don't act very jealous or doubting

  15. Care if the other person has fun when going out

  16. Talk respectfully both in public and in private

Content last reviewed September 16, 2015
Page last updated November 23, 2015