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Lacey Erickson

Miss Teen Minnesota International 2005

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be in a beauty pageant? Miss Teen Minnesota International, Lacey Erickson will tell you that there’s more to it than interviews, ball gowns, and being on stage. Part of the job is creating a platform (an issue she feels strongly about and will promote throughout the year) and thinking up ways to spread the word to others. Find out the inside scoop about pageants, nutrition, and being healthy from Lacey Erickson herself!

How old are you?

I am 16.

What grade are you in?

11th grade. I’m a Junior.

What is your hometown?

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

What activities do you do to keep yourself healthy?

I love to run, jog, and even take walks near our farm in Pelican Rapids. On top of that I try to maintain an aerobic workout and lift weights. Also, I always try to eat healthy. By that I mean eating a variety of healthy foods from the food groups and of course always drinking plenty of milk and water.

Lacey Erickson holding a glass of milk

You mentioned the importance of milk. Can you tell us how that fits into the message you’re trying to get across to the public while you hold the title of Miss Teen Minnesota International?

Being Miss Teen Minnesota International 2005 has given me the great opportunity to promote my platform, “Physical Activity & Nutrition.”

Throughout my reign, I plan to speak to children about the importance of being physically active to stay healthy and also how a well-balanced diet plays a huge role in your health.

How important is it for young people to get the proper nutrition?

Getting the recommended daily nutrients from each of the basic food groups is very important to everyone, especially growing children. One of the food groups I focus on a lot is the dairy group. In a child’s young life it is very important to get the recommended three dairy products a day in order to build strong bones while they’re growing into teenagers and adults. I stress this very important issue to children I speak to and try to get them to understand why dairy calcium is important. I’ve also been working with the Midwest Dairy Association and the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign to help promote the importance of dairy even further.

Tell us about the competition a little bit more. How did you become Miss Teen MN?

I entered the Miss Teen MN International Competition in 2004 and placed first runner up. For 2005, they asked me if I wanted to take the title as a contestant at large and of course I said yes! On March 13, 2005, I was officially crowned Miss Teen Minnesota International.

What types of competitions do you compete in?

The Miss Teen MN competition consists of four separate categories of competition. They consist of a personal interview, fitness wear, fashion wear, and evening gown competitions.

What do you plan to do throughout your reign as Miss Teen Minnesota International to promote childhood physical activity and nutrition?

I plan to encourage children to engage in physical activity and to learn about proper nutrition as well—it’s all part of a healthy lifestyle. I will do this by going to schools throughout Minnesota and showing a presentation that I’m working on that is designed to encourage them to take an active role in their health. If I win Miss Teen International, I plan to take my presentation around the U.S.

How will you use program?

The program will help me to target the health issues that today’s young girls are experiencing as far as nutrition, health, and puberty.

What’s your biggest goal for the year as Miss Teen MN?

To get at least one child to really understand how important being healthy is. Because if I can change one person’s outlook on it, I know that they’ll affect others.

What advice would you give other girls who want to compete in competitions like Miss Teen International?

Follow your dreams no matter what they are! I didn't think I'd ever get this far competing in pageants! That just goes to show if you put your mind towards something, nothing's impossible!

Content last reviewed March 01, 2005
Page last updated March 01, 2005

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