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Quiz: Are you safe on the Internet?

  1. Fact or Myth: If you're a good student, mature for your age, and don't look for trouble, nothing bad will ever happen to you online.

  2. Which statement best describes a reliable website?

  3. Which of the following chat rooms is probably your safest choice?

  4. You are on vacation and have no Internet access. You can't wait to check your email to see if your friend has emailed you back. You should:

  5. Fact or Myth: If people send you their picture online, then it is okay to meet them because you know what they look like.

  6. You are being followed from chat room to chat room and getting unwanted messages from someone you don't know. You are feeling uncomfortable with the IMs that the person is sending you. You should:


Content last reviewed September 22, 2009
Page last updated September 11, 2015