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Fashion dos and don’ts for an interview

While high school may be the perfect place to display your flair for the latest styles, a job or college interview is not the place to make a fashion statement. A large part of any interview is based on the non-verbal portion — which includes your appearance and what you wear. If you are not properly dressed, it may ruin everything that your background and resume show you have accomplished. Follow the below guidelines for successful interview dress.

Solid color (such as blue or black) pantsuit or skirt suitCapri pants, leggings, jeans
Skirt should be no more than three inches above the kneesShort skirt; mini dress
Stockings (neutral or color of shoes)Bare legs
Dress with coordinated blazerStrapless or spaghetti strap dress
Dressy button down shirt, neatly tucked inLow neckline, see-through fabric, midriff-baring top
Neatly trimmed nails (if polished, clear or neutral)Very long fingernails, chipped nail polish, wild nail polish (green, blue, black, etc.)
Not more than one ring per hand; dress watchVisible body piercing and tattoos


If you are still unsure about your interview outfit, have a parent or friend help you out. Also remember, chewing gum, smoking, or smelling like smoke during an interview is not appropriate. Arrive on time, be confident about yourself, and be enthusiastic about the job!


Content last reviewed September 22, 2009
Page last updated October 31, 2013