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The truth about pregnancy prevention (text-only version)

“I’ve heard that if you pee after sex, you wash out all the sperm.”
The truth: Urine doesn’t go through the vagina, so it can’t wash out sperm. Douching can’t wash it out either.

“I’m pretty sure you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex.”
The truth: You absolutely can get pregnant the first time. And you can get pregnant when you have your period, too.

“I’m going to have sex in a special position to avoid getting pregnant.”
The truth: Sperm are good swimmers. If they get inside your vagina — or even on the outside — you can get pregnant.

“I think I’ll use a plastic bag instead of buying condoms.”
The truth: A plastic bag or plastic wrap can tear or leak, and you could wind up pregnant.

“My boyfriend says he’ll just pull his penis out before anything happens.”
The truth: It takes a lot of self-control for a guy to pull out. Also, some sperm can come out before a man ejaculates (“comes”), so it is still possible to get pregnant.


Content last reviewed April 15, 2014
Page last updated May 28, 2014