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Body basics

  1. It's a good idea to wash your hands three times a day to avoid germs.

  2. Your personal music player at maximum volume can damage your hearing in around

  3. If you're wearing high heels, it doesn't matter how high they are.

  4. You should have your period by the time you're 13.

  5. Sometimes a girl will get her period and then it will stop. That could be because:

  6. What's the number 1 killer of teens?

  7. If you want your ears pierced, it's okay to let a friend do it as long as she washes the needle first.

  8. When you go through puberty, you can use special creams to make your breasts grow larger.

  9. It is normal to have a clear or whitish fluid coming from your vagina, but if the discharge is thick like cottage cheese, is gray or green, smells bad, or is itchy, you should see a doctor.

  10. As long as it isn't heavy, it's fine to carry your backpack only on one shoulder.

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Page last updated January 6, 2020