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We like to shine the spotlight on girls from across the country who are doing amazing things! Read their interviews to learn more.

Kate Ziegler

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies

Do you get enough fruits and vegetables? There’s a reason we ask and a reason adults tell you to eat plenty of them. They taste great, but they’re also packed with nutrients that help you grow healthy and strong. Plus, fruits and veggies have fiber, which helps you feel full longer. That means you’re less likely to get hungry when you’re trying to power through math class or after-school activities.

Kate Ziegler, an Olympic swimmer, loads up on fruits and veggies and other plant-based foods (like nuts and whole grains) for just those reasons. For Kate, eating healthy helps her train better and feel like she’s at her best. You can feel your best, too! For Fruits and Veggies — More Matters Month, check out Kate’s tips for getting more fruits and veggies.




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