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We like to shine the spotlight on girls from across the country who are doing amazing things! Read their interviews to learn more.

Belissa, Rhiannon, and Zariya

How do you express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas? Maybe it’s through dancing, singing, art, your clothes, or your hair style. Self-expression can take many forms. It’s all about finding something that you enjoy and that makes you feel proud. Belissa, Rhiannon, and Zariya like to express themselves by writing poetry then performing their poems in front of lots of other people. It’s called spoken-word poetry, and there are competitions across the country. Belissa, Rhiannon, and Zariya are Teen Poetry Slam Champions, and they’ve performed on live television. Learn more about spoken-word poetry, what it means to be a Teen Poetry Slam Champion, and why Belissa, Rhiannon, and Zariya think it’s important that all girls have a way to express themselves.




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