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Adults who can help

A nurse speaking to a teenage girl.

Even if you have a great relationship with your parents, there are still times when it helps to talk to someone else. You may be too shy to ask your parents/guardians about sex. Or you may just want to hear what someone else has to say about a problem you have. A trusted adult can give you advice, help you find information, or help you find the right person to talk to.

Having problems with friends, teachers, or your parents/guardians? Talk to your school counselor. He or she will listen to what you have to say and can give you advice. Your counselor can also help you find the right person to talk to, such as a therapist.

Have medical questions? Talk to the school nurse, health teacher, or your doctor. Teens often have lots of questions about things like puberty, sex, mental health, or body image. You may feel shy and not want to talk about things like sex or body odor with an adult. Keep in mind, these adults talk about these things all the time. They have heard everything!

Having problems with schoolwork? Talk to your teacher or your school counselor. It is their job to make sure you do well in school. They can give you tips on studying or help you find some extra help.

Need advice? Talk to a trusted adult. This could be a coach, advisor, teacher, someone in your family (aunt, uncle, older sister or brother), a friend’s parent/guardian, or a religious leader. Any adult you are close to can be a good person to talk to.

One thing to keep in mind: Always tell a trusted adult if you or a friend is in danger. Even if you just think a friend may be in danger, always tell an adult.


Content last reviewed September 22, 2009
Page last updated October 31, 2013