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April 2011

Keeping Our Planet Clean

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A woman recycling with her daughter.As Earth Day approaches, remind the girls in your life to respect their mother — Mother Earth, that is! Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach girls ways to protect our planet. And keep in mind that being a good role model is one of the best ways to teach good habits.

You and the girls you care about can work together to:

  • Use less water with simple steps like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Think about ways to reuse items, such as using a refillable travel mug, turning milk cartons into planters, and donating unwanted items to charity.
  • Recycle all products that can be recycled, and try to buy products made from items that have been recycled.
  • Plant a tree, which can help protect the soil and clean the air.
  • Buy products with less packaging to keep waste out of landfills.

Want more ideas? You and the girls you care about can look together at the going green tips on

While you're working to keep the planet safe, don't forget to keep girls safe from different kinds of pollution. The Parents & Caregivers section of has lots of helpful tips on the environment and girls' health.

Energy boost

The next time you and the girl you care for need to get somewhere, consider walking. You'll help protect the environment — and get the great health benefits of a little extra exercise.


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