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February 2011

Caring for a Girl With an Illness or Disability

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A mother with an arm around her daughter.If you take care of a girl with an illness or a disability, you know it can be tough. You may need to help with daily care, doctor’s visits, and school setbacks. And you may also face the usual dramas of teen life! But you can be a terrific source of support to the girl in your life. In the new section on illnesses and disabilities for parents and caregivers, you can learn about topics like:

  • Dealing with a girl’s fears
  • Helping girls get back to school
  • Promoting friendships
  • Encouraging healthy habits
  • Coping with pain
  • Handling health-related struggles
  • Finding support groups and other resources
  • Hot topics  like understanding vaccines, medication safety, and more!

And don’t forget to check out our tips on taking care of yourself if you’re worn down by the demands on you.

Cluster of hearts.This month brings Valentine’s Day, when a girl’s thoughts may turn to love. Help her build healthy relationships by looking together at’s sections on friendships and romance for girls with illnesses and disabilities.


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