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Talk to your daughter about bullying

A mother hugging her daughter.

Did you know remarkable things can happen if parents spend at least 15 minutes of undivided time a day listening and talking with their children? Children really do look to their parents for advice and for help with making tough choices and decisions.

Talk to your daughter regularly and let her know you are aware of the things that go on in school. Here are some questions you might ask her


"I was alone and miserable, but what hurt even more than the insane paranoia was that my own mother could look into my eyes and have no idea how much pain I was in."

- Anonymous, Age 14

  • When girls want to be mean, what do they do?
  • Does the teacher see it when it’s happening? Why or why not? How does she or he react?
  • Are some girls more secret about their meanness? How?
  • Can friends be mean to each other? How?

Adapted from Odd Girl Speaks Out by Rachel Simmons

Girls often blame themselves or think their parents will never understand what they’re going through. Phrasing your questions in the third person makes it easier for your daughter to open up.

Is your daughter being bullied?
Is your daughter a bully?


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