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What to wear to workout

Girl tying running shoe

When you exercise, you should wear loose-fitting clothes that allow you to move freely. In the summer, wearing lighter colors will help you keep cooler. Dark clothes, which trap light, will help keep you warmer in the winter. Wear layers when it is really cold. It is good to wear hats or baseball caps for shade in sunny weather, and wool or ski caps in the winter to keep your head and body warm. Never wear rubbery or plastic clothing (yes, it’s out there!) because it won’t allow your sweat to escape and your body can get too hot.

Shoes are also very important. Make sure they are sturdy, fit well, and have heavy cushioned soles and arch supports. If you plan to run, getting shoes fitted by a sports shoe salesperson can be helpful. The wrong fit can be uncomfortable or even hurt you. Socks can be important also. They help absorb sweat to help you avoid blisters. And, they might help keep your shoes from smelling badly!

Finally, always remember to wear a helmet if you’re doing a sport that needs one (like snowboarding, bike riding, or rollerblading). Read more about helmets and staying safe!


Content last reviewed October 09, 2009
Page last updated October 31, 2013