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Publications & web sites

  1. Dealing With Sports Injuries – This is a helpful article from
  2. Obesity – This is a helpful article from
  3. Sportsmanship – This is a helpful article from
  4. Sports Supplements – This is a helpful article from
  5. T'ai Chi – This is a helpful article from
  6. Yoga – This is a helpful article from
  7. Pilates – This is a helpful article from
  8. Sports Physicals – This is a helpful article from
  9. Choosing the Right Sport for You – This is a helpful article from
  10. Are Steroids Worth the Risk? – This is a helpful article from
  11. Sports Physical – This is a helpful article from
  12. Choosing the Right Sport for You – This is a helpful article from
  13. American flag BAM! Body and Mind: Physical Activity  – This web site has interactive tools to help teens increase their level of physical activity and establish fitness habits that will stay with them for life.
  14. American flag  pdf My Bright Future: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating for Young Women  – This booklet will help you learn about healthy eating and physical activity. With the help of your health care provider, it will also show you what areas might need some improvement and how to set and reach your goals.
  15. American flag Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls.  – This interactive web site offers information for young women on the importance of doing weight-bearing exercises. It also contains information on calcium-rich foods, and ways to prevent osteoporosis (bone disease).
  16. American flag Take Charge of Your Health: A Teenager’s Guide to Better Health  – This guide from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has recipes, physical activity tips and other ideas for how to take charge of your health.
  17. American flag The President's Challenge - Kids: Physical Fitness and Sports  – This web site provides youth with tools to help promote physical activity. Some resources offered are an activity log, BMI calculator, and 10 ideas to get active.
  18. American flag VERB - It's what you do - This interactive web site provides young people with fun ideas on how to become physically active.
  19. Exercise: How to Get Started (Copyright © AAFP)  – This fact sheet has information on why it’s important to exercise, who should exercise, and how to get started.
  20. Fun Fitness (Copyright © Center for Young Women's Health)  – Do you know the correct way to stretch and tone your muscles? Check out this site for more information on exercise.
  21.  – This cool web site helps you learn more about exercise, nutrition, and your body.  Take quizzes, read recipes, play games, and more!

Girl holding tennis racketOrganizations

  1. American flag President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports 
  2. Center for Young Women's Health 
  3. Girls Inc. 
  4. Girls on the Run 
  5. Kids Health 


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